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    construction machinery


    • Radial Press Concrete Pipe Machine
    • Vertical Vibration Concrete Pipe Machine
    • Roller Suspension Concrete Pipe Machine
    • Hume Concrete pipe machine
    • Pipe Cage Welding Machine
    • Centrifugal Spun pole /Pile Plant
    • Other machine for spun pole/pile plant
    • Concrete Block Plant
    • PCCP Concrete Pipe Plant
    • Concrete Mixer and Mixing Plant
    • Contruction Material
    • Hydraulic
    • Other Construction Machinery
    construction machinery equipment
    Wire Straighter and cutting machine

    YGT5-12Hydraulic Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine:

    YGT5-12 Series Wire Straighter is an improved machine based on the old generation. It is with high speed and good accuracy. We use the microcomputer control system, it can make wire straight, and cut full-automatically. You can input the length of the wire and how many pieces of wire you want a time, and then the machine can work by itself. The microcomputer is with auto memory, you can just restart the machine, it will start work again. It improves the high efficiency and brings more convenience for our customer.



    P.C.   Wire Diameter

    Φ4-12 mm

    Motor   Power

    7.5   KW



    Cutting   speed

    45   m/min

    Cutting   Length


    Cutting   Accuracy

    +--5-10   mm




    900   kg


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    construction equipment sale
    construction equipment sale
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