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    construction machinery


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    construction machinery equipment
    High Speed cage machine

    High Speed Automatic Cage welding machine for RCC pipe HGZ300-1200

    It is the special equipment matched with Radial Press concrete pipe machine, and Vertical vibration pipe machine 300-1200mm. The main plate speed can reach 21r/min. the welding time for each spot will not exceed 50ms, big welding electric current (max. Short Circuit current around 24000A); The water cooling system for electrode and transformer, which helps improve its life by 5 times.  

    Main Technical Details:

    Cage diameter/Length for pipe


    4 Motors Power:


    Diameter Longitude bar/Spiral bar

    3.2-8mm( be customized to 10mm)

    Pipe Joint

    Flush joint/ spigot &socket joint

    Control system

    PLC control+ Touch Screen

    Speed of Rotating

    Max. 21 r/min


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    construction equipment sale
    construction equipment sale
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